yaourt - more than a frontend to pacman


yaourt <operation> [options] [packages]

yaourt (search pattern|package file)


Yaourt is a pacman frontend with a lot of features.

AUR/ABS support, colorized output, interactive search/install, save/restore Alpm database, orphans detection, manage .pac* files, …


Since the majority of those options are same as pacman’s ones (pacman(8)), this manual page will focus on the specific ones.

-B, --backup

Backup or restore alpm local database. See Backup Options.


Manage .pac* files. See Clean Options.

-G, --getpkgbuild <package>


-Q, --query

Query local database + Can sort packages by installation date, possibility to delete orphans. See Query Options.

-R, --remove

Remove package(s) from the system.

-U, --upgrade

Upgrade or add package(s) to the system.

-S, --sync

Synchronize packages + AUR support, building from sources. See Sync Options.


Show some statistics about your packages.

-V, --version

Display version and exit.

-h, --help

Display a short help.


--export <dir>

Export builded packages and their sources (makepkg(8)) to <dir>.

-f, --force

Force installation or updates.

-f, --force

Force installation or updates.


Allow curl & package-query to perform "insecure" SSL connections


Disable color.


Don’t ask for confirmation.


Equivalent to -Sfyyua --devel

--tmp <dir>

Use <dir> as temporary folder. default to /tmp

Backup Options

yaourt -B

Backup alpm local database in current dir.

yaourt -B <dir>

Backup alpm local database in <dir>/pacman-date.tar.bz2

yaourt -B <file>

Restore alpm local database from <file>.

Clean Options

Manage .pacnew, .pacsave and .pacorig files.

-c, --clean

Clean all these files.

Query Options

--backupfile <file>

Query <file> instead of alpm/aur.


List queries result sorted by installation date.

-d, --deps

Filter output to packages installed as dependencies.

-t, --unrequired

Filter output to packages not required by any currently installed package. With -d, yaourt list all real orphans and ask for deletion.

Sync Options

-a, --aur

Also search in AUR database. With -u or --sysupgrade, upgrade aur packages that are out of date. With -Qm, display more info about foreign package.


Show packages that conflicts with one of the targets

-b, --build

Build from sources, ABS for official packages, or AUR if packages is not found. Specify this option twice to build all dependencies.


Show packages that depends on one of the targets


With -u or --sysupgrade, search an update for devel packages.

-i, --info

Display dependency and other information for a given package. This will search through all repositories and AUR database for a matching package.


Show packages that provides one of the targets.


Show packages that replaces one of the targets.

-u, --sysupgrade

Upgrade all packages that are out of date.

Handling Config Files

With AUTOSAVEBACKUPFILE (yaourtrc(5)), yaourt will search and save all files marked as backup. These files can be used later with yaourt -C to automerge current configuration files with new ones.


See yaourtrc(5) for more details on configuring yaourt using the yaourtrc file.

Environment variables


Set an alternative pacman(8) command.


Set a temporary folder to use.


Set a user defined colors. (see package-query(8))

See Also

See the yaourt website at for more info.




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